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“A number of factors could lead to data loss, like a virus or malware infection, unintentional deletion, hardware or software failure, or even fire. Regardless of the cause, data recovery at our lab in dubai is always possible.”

In today’s digital era, you can never be too careful when it comes to your data. “It’s important to back up any and all files that are important for daily use on a regular basis.” 

Data loss can happen any time; it is wise to be prepared for the worst-case scenario in advance.

If you are experiencing data loss due to one of these common reasons and are concerned about losing your photos, videos and documents forever then there is hope! Our Data Recovery Lab in Dubai offers professional data recovery services.

We have a team of experts with more than 12 years of experience in recovering deleted, formatted, corrupted and inaccessible data.

We recover your data in the shortest possible time using our high-end techniques and equipment and restore it back to you in a perfect format.


We can recover your lost files in almost any situation

Diagnosing Your Device

We will diagnose the issue, provide you with options and give you a total price for FREE!

Honest Services

We will fully explain the issue, the proposed solution, and provide a total fixed cost all before any costs are incurred

Quick Completion

Appointments can be often taken same day (even on weekends) and most recoveries are completed within 1-2 days

Our Popular Data Recovery Services in Dubai

Mac Data Recovery

We provide the best Mac data recovery services in Dubai with an affordable cost. Our experts can recover all your lost data from your Macbook or any other Apple device.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

We provides best hard disk recovery in Dubai. Whether your hard drive has crashed, got corrupted, or had a virus attack, we can repair and recover your data.

Laptop Data Recovery

Our Laptop Data Recovery services in dubai are the best way to recover your lost data in a very short time.With our expertise, we can help you access all your lost data as soon as possible.

RAID Data Recovery

It is important to know the best way to recover data when experiencing a RAID failure. The first thing one should do is not panic. But instead of trying to fix the problem on their own, it would be better to contact professionals for help because it’s cheaper in the long run as well as safer for your computer and/or data.

NAS Data Recovery

We provide NAS Data Recovery services in dubai. These services will help you recover any data from your NAS device as long as it was not overwritten and any files are not damaged.We are capable of restoring all the data that has been lost because of any reason

Virtual Servers Data Recovery

Data from servers get lost due to various reasons. The main reason for data loss is power failure. Such incidents are not uncommon and can happen anytime, anywhere. There is a need for an expert like us to help you retrieve the lost data from the server and save it on another disk.

External Hard Drive Recovery

External hard drive recovery is all about restoring your data from a crashed, failed, or corrupted hard drive.Data loss from an external hard drive can happen due to any one of these reasons:The corrupted file system, power outage, and malware could corrupt your data.

SSD Data Recovery

With help of our SSD Data Recovery Services in Dubai, any lost data may be restored.We are a company that specializes in the field of data recovery and We work on all types of storage media, such as hard drives, SSDs and mobile devices.

USB Data Recovery

USB data recovery is a complicated process that requires a lot of expertise and experience. It is not something that one can do at home. One needs to have the right tools and knowledge of how to handle data in order to successfully recover it.That’s why we provide USB Data Recovery services in dubai, with high-end technology, expertise and over 12 years of experience, we have been able to successfully help many people recover their lost data from different kinds of USB drives.

Data Recovery Price

The price you pay to retrieve your data varies with the seriousness of the problem with your hard drive and its capacity.

Based on the most common hard drive failures


from 250AED
  • 1 - 2 Days
  • The delivery time is dependent on the type of data to be recovered, the number of partitions and whether a remedial action was carried out. A formatted drive for example can recover 100% success provided it had been rewritten with a small amount of data.


from 1200AED
  • 2 - 3 Days
  • The time it takes to process the data depends on the size of hard drive, number of damaged sectors, and condition of the read heads. Cloning is a crucial step in this process.


from 1450AED
  • 3 - 7 Days
  • The compatible hard drive needed for the transplantation of mechanical components can be quite difficult to locate. Cloning it after that and extracting its data is faster.

Data Recovery Process

Dubai Data Recovery process
Hard Drive Data Recovery Process

Why Choose US - As Your Data Recovery Partner in Dubai

We’re the best for data rescue. The reasons are numerous so here are just a few:

Experienced Professionals

With years of data recovery experience, we can tell you exactly what went wrong, no matter how unusual the case is. Of course, we work on all kinds of problems and have a high success rate.

Best Customer Experience

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Transparent Process

Before we get started, there are no hidden fees. All costs are dealt with upfront before any work proceeds.

Industry Leading Tools

We have the latest in industry-leading technologies to quickly pinpoint and fix any issue.

No Data - No Fee

We don't charge you anything unless we are successful in recovering the data you need

Flexible Timing

We can accommodate your schedule; we're available to meet any time that's convenient for you

With our help, your lost data will not be lost anymore.

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Data Recovery FAQs

Today has been an unlucky day for you. You've lost all the pictures from your hard drive of that special occasion on the weekend, what do you do? Who do you go to? Stop and don’t panic.

 We've compiled a list of often-heard customer questions to help address any potential doubts.

What should I do if I just lost my data?

The first thing you should do is stop using your computer. This will prevent any more data from being lost.If the lost data was stored in a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive, then it’s best to contact the IT Service Company in Dubai and ask them for a copy of the backup that was made at the time of loss. If it was stored on a normal computer hard drive, then it’s possible that some of it might have been backed up automatically by Windows or MacOSX Time Machine.

It is also important to look for any old backups on your local network or USB drive and make sure they are still intact.

If all above fails then bring your failed hard drive to us, where we can take a look and provide you with an exact evaluation prior to any work being carried out.

Why should I not try a self recovery?

The chance that your data will be recovered on your own is very slim, especially on a modern hard drive. Trying to do it yourself can actually cause more damage or leave you with nothing. This is due to the fact that this newer hard disk drive is built to very complex and demanding standards  and special knowledge is needed in order to work on these devices.

How do you charge for data recovery?

Data recovery pricing is determined by the severity of the data loss and how quickly it needs to be recovered.There are three levels of severity: minor, major and catastrophic. The more severe the data loss, the higher the price will be.

The next thing that we consider when determining data recovery price is how quickly you needs data recovered. If you need it right away, then you will have to pay a higher price than if you can wait a few days or weeks before it’s recovered.


How do you return the recovered files to me?

Depending on how much data you need us to recover, we may be able to give it back to you in the form of DVD’s or external hard drives. You can provide us with your hard drive or we can provide you with a new hard drive.


How long will it take to recover my data?

The recovery process is unique for every data scenario. We perform free evaluations within the first 2 hours of receiving the drive and once we know what’s needed, we provide a turnaround time. Many of our services can be finished by the next business day


Do you have an emergency service?

Yes we do. We provide emergency service to help get your data recovered in as little time as possible. However, this will come with an added fee

Why do you need a Class 100 Clean Room to recover data?

The data recovery process is a delicate one. It requires a lot of time and attention to detail. The most important thing in the process is the clean room itself. A Class 100 Clean Room is an enclosed space that has been specially designed to keep out all kinds of particles that may contaminate the hard drive platter surface. A Class 100 Clean Room is Required to make sure that the hard drive’s internals are completely clean and free from dust before reassembling it. A particle of dust is bigger than the operational gap of the heads and platter surface, so particles on parts inside can cause damage as a result.

Do you guarantee a 100% recovery of all my files?

No, we do not guarantee 100% recovery of all your files. There are many technical factors that affect the success of data retrieval and these cannot be predicted.

We understand how important it is to have your files back and we will do everything in our power to help you recover them. However, we cannot guarantee that every single file will be recovered due to the nature of data storage systems and their limitations.

What is your privacy policy?

GD Recovery Lab respects your privacy and will never share what was found on your completed job. All our information is confidential, so you can feel confident that we won’t tell anyone what we found. Once the recovery process is complete, a file verification takes place to assure that everything went correctly. We keep your recovered files for up to 2 weeks as a precaution in case there are any questions we need to answer.If we need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we are happy to do so.

Still have an unanswered question?

If you cannot find an answer to your question please call us on +97155 2110922 or email us. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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