RAID 1 Data Recovery Services

 RAID 1 is A.K.A. mirroring of data for fault tolerance. In this configuration data is exactly mirrored on two or more hard drives which is a great way to offer redundancy.

To implement mirroring with RAID 1 configuration requires two hard disks with exact similarity to each other. Data saved on Disk 1 will be saved on Disk 2. Single RAID Controller is used. Mirroring already offers fairly high fault tolerance however in order to get added performance and more reliability duplexing can be used with two RAID controllers.

Even though RAID1 offers fault tolerance however, any RAID configuration can fully guarantee no data loss. Data loss can happen due to any one of the many reasons outlined below:

 We have tried to outline above most of the reasons of failure. If you don’t see your, don’t worry we can still help you rebuild your RAID 1 and recover data. GD Recovery Labs have extensive knowledge and experience of RAID data recovery in Dubai. We have solved cases which other companies termed as unrecoverable.

To begin your case NOW kindly contact GD Recovery Lab, we provide prioritized free evaluation of your failed hard drives within 24 hours as we understand how downtime can affect any business. There is NO Charge if your required data is Not recovered.

Warning! Do not try to attempt Do It Yourself processes available online as it can further reduce the chances of successful recovery. Even if you do not choose us to recover your data, we will urge you to seek a professional data recovery company help in order to guarantee a full recovery.

Let us help you recover your RAID 1 Array data