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SSD Data Recovery Dubai

When the data on a SSD drive is corrupted, lost or inaccessible, it is possible to recover them by using our SSD data recovery service.

Since SSDs have no moving parts, they are not prone to physical damage like hard drives are. However, they can still fail because of software issues or simply by overheating. This can result in data loss or corruption.

We provide SSD Data Recovery Services in Dubai for all brands of Samsung SM951 and SM961 PCIe cards as well as SATA cards with M2 form factor for all models of Samsung 840, 850 Pro, 850 EVO SSDs along with other brands such as Intel X25-M G2 and G3 SSDs .

Common SSD Data Recovery failures we encounter :

  • Not Detected in BIOS
  • File System Corruption
  • Accidental Reformatting/Deletion of data
  • Damaged SATA or ZIF Connector
  • Operating System Not booting
  • Detected as wrong size (e.g Intel 8 MB)
  • Controller chip damage or failure
  • Corrupted or damaged firmware
  • Damage due to natural disasters
  • Damaged or dead capacitors
  • Failure of electronic components
  • Flash cell degradation
  • Files lost after formatting SSD
  • NAND degradation
  • Power failure or surges
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) damage
  • Software corruption
  • SSD water damage

With our help, your lost data will not be lost anymore.

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