External Hard Drive Data Recovery

External Hard Drive Recovery

After laptops, USB external hard drives are second most vulnerable devices prone to data loss due to its mobile nature. Many businesses & professionals use USB external hard drives to save their valuable business and personal data.   Its usability has increased for the fact that it is available in varying capacity, portability and low cost for storing your work files, music and videos.

It is said that thing that is used most is abused most, it receives more abuse mainly due to its mobile nature.

External hard drive may need data recovery when:

USB external hard drive has been dropped accidentally and making a clicking noise

Seized motor – when started makes noise and then stops, motor not spinning

Showing Disk Not Initialized under disk management

Error message prompting to “Format Disk” when you plug it in your computer

Ejecting the USB hard drive without following safe removal procedure will result in data corruption over time

Constantly freezing or slow performance, saving takes lot of time

USB device detected by the computer but unable to read or write the data

Power surge

Water spillage

Characters appear as garbage

Warning! Do not try to use Do It Yourself procedures available online to recover your data. As continuous usage may worsen the already failing drive and reducing your chances of full recovery. Even if you do not consider us for recovering your data, we will urge you to get help from a professional company who has experience in data recovery from external hard drives.

Our professionals are fully trained experts who have many years of hands on experience under similar situations and can guarantee 100 percent recovery in most cases.

To start your broken external hard drive data recovery, we provide free pick up service of your failed device, send us your location map, contact details and schedule a time for pickup by calling our ever polite customer service reps. We have managed to be on the top of the competition of external hard drive data recovery in Dubai as we provide honest quote generally within 24 hours, outlining problem with your media, actions we will take to rectify them, estimated time of recovering your data and the cost of recovery without any hidden charges.

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